Our IMAAS THERMAL BOXES 716272 in fiberglass and expanded polystyrene, are an excellent solution for the transport and care of products to which the temperature must be controlled, providing an environment that maintains the desired internal temperature, for a long time, thanks To its excellent insulation material; Your products will maintain the desired temperature for a long time. If it is for the care of the cold chain, it is also excellent to add our eutectic plates that provide a non-mechanical cold system and so the care of their products will be excellent. It is a container in fiberglass and expanded pilestireno, excellent insulation to take care of the temperature, especially the cold chain and to maintain the perishable products in the desired temperature (controlled) that together with the IMAAS EUTÉCTICA GEL FUSING PLATES provide and take care of The temperature needed to protect the product to be transported and thus take care of the properties of your product. It is ideal for bringing fresh, hot or frozen products. Easy to move without removing the products, without opening the lid, which closes very well without letting in the ambient air, nor leave the internal temperature and thus take care of the product and its required temperature, for longer.


In the care of the cold chain, the complement of the THERMAL BOXES IMAAS 716272 and the IMAAS PLATES OF FUSION OF EUTÉCTICA GEL is the perfect solution to transport products from one place to another without losing the cold chain, clean, without the manipulation Of several people, without waste, without losses of inventory by decomposition, ensuring the properties of the product, inventories, among others. Our thermal box is very easy to handle and very easy to pack your products because its measures are appropriate for a good handling.


Characteristics and PHYSICAL PROPERTIES:


Especially in the cold chain, due to its physical structure, the IMAAS THERMAL BOX 716272 acts as caretaker and accumulator of cold; Is a non-toxic, inedible, very reusable product, very easy to clean, with no hidden places, thanks to its completely smooth walls and its interior design.


External measures

48 x 48 x 65 cms

Internal measures

35 x 35 x 50 cms

Internal capacity in liters

62 litros

Gross empty weight

12 kilos

Insulating materials

Fiberglass and expanded polystyrene


Advantages Hygiene: Because of its characteristics and materials, they make it easy to clean, wash with cleaners and disinfectants without leaving contaminating microorganisms, taking care of the product, complying with sanitary food standards, protecting the consumer. Weight saving: due to its excellent performance, with the consequent savings in price, freight and volume due to its high content accumulator and care of cold. Without water residue: When defrosting the EUTECTIC GEL FUSING PLATES do not leave liquid residue in the bottom of the IMAAS THERMAL BOXES 716272 and therefore do not contaminate or change the presentation of your product. Saving on purchase: For being totally reusable and for its practical size and presentation; Its materials are very resistant and if it gets damaged, it is very possible to repair it.

Use For the cold chain, freeze the EUTATIC GEL FUSES IMAAS PLATES at the temperature recommended by IMAAS for a period of more than 12 hours. (Until the plates are completely frozen). Place the plates in the most comfortable position inside the IMAAS 716272 BOX (we recommend 70% at the top and 30% at the bottom.) To achieve and maintain the required temperature.

APPLICATIONS To preserve fruits, chickens, fish and seafood or any type of food or products that need refrigeration. Distribution of refrigerated or hot food at home. At all times you need to keep low temperatures without taking risks in cutting your cold chain. Ideal for transporting perishable products from one point to another without mechanical cold and without losing properties and presentation characteristics. Do not touch the product until the final destination, thus does not change the cold chain; The inventory is taken care of. Ideal for transporting hot products up to 60 ° C.

IMAAS THERMAL BOXES 716272 have an internal capacity of 62 liters, an empty weight of only 12 kilos. They are dispatched from our Pereira – Colombia plant on request. They can be marked with the logo of your company in a space of 30 x 7 cms to a single ink in 5 different faces (advertising). The image must be the same for one or all 5 faces.

PRECAUTIONS It must be treated with great care; Do not hit, do not drop, do not puncture the THERMAL BOXES IMAAS 716272. The materials are non-toxic but the thermal box must be taken care of if it is hit or damaged somewhere, this could suffer from openings, avoiding to maintain the necessary temperature for the Adequate transportation of your product.