In IMAAS we respect human and environmental rights, we also work to ensure that operations have the minimum of waste and thus have supply chains that reflect the commitment of the company.

Although our ISO standard requires only new packaging, in our partner companies we encourage recycling, reuse of packaging and efficient management of waste, reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions, thereby benefiting communities In which we operate.


We are an organization with the highest quality standards, in search of the best processing and maintenance systems for companies, focused on fulfilling and fully satisfying the needs of the people who trust our work.

We are a prominent company in the country and with presence in several cities throughout the national territory, this allows us to reach a wider reach and understand our market more broadly, we are concerned about knowing our product to know exactly how to fill the problem of our customers.

Quality politics

We are committed to identifying and meeting the requirements of our customers. We want to fulfill our quality management system to achieve an order that is reflected in the effectiveness of our work, continuously improving our knowledge, our service, the quality of our products, social commitment and the trust of those who work with us.


Continue to be the leading company in Colombia in the development and implementation of chemical preventive programs for boiler water and cooling systems, products and technical advice, to meet the needs of companies in a timely manner. This allows us to be an organization of the highest quality, in search of the best systems focused on fully satisfying the needs of each of our customers.


The 8.5.3 requirement belonging to the external customers or suppliers is not considered for its application. The products made by the company are the responsibility of this, until the product is delivered at the customer’s premises.

The technical recommendations made by the service engineers do not compromise the company, since these are executed by the contracting company.

Production and commercialization of chemical products: boilers and cooling systems; Industrial cleaners, cold chain, refrigerants and chemical enhancers. Development of preventive programs and technical advice for boilers and cooling systems. (Industrial water treatment.)

Apply Conditions and Restrictions.
We reserve the changes without prior notice.